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How To Legally Protect Your Startup

December 30, 2017


In today’s world, people are shying away from the traditional route of settling for a stable 9-5 job and staying there for the next 30 years just because it feels safe. Every year, more and more people are graduating and demanding another choice. They want to find their own way to leave their mark and make their own path in life, but how do YOU get there? Everyone faces the same fears and questions when considering starting their own business and with the wealth of misinformation out there, it is difficult to know where to start and who to trust.


From a legal standpoint, there is so much that you will need in order to ensure everything is done properly and that you are protected. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge:


Legal Advice


Let’s face it, any real business needs legal counsel. However, the legal community is completely out of touch with the startup community. It’s not the eighties anymore! Startups have hundreds of questions when they begin and they can’t afford to be hit with thousands of dollars in ‘advice bills’ just to figure out whether they should be a Corporation or an LLC. After working with hundreds of clients, I realized that this was a real problem in the Startup world. I spent most of my time correcting the mess entrepreneurs made trying to be their own attorneys.


All of these “DIY legal sites” out there make it seem so easy to be your own attorney. The only problem is that they are more out of touch with the startup world than the lawyers are. This is why we created LegalStart. At LegalStart, entrepreneurs can ask as many questions as they need to through our chat and email features, as well as schedule phone calls when things need more explaining. No more advice bills to worry about when you have a law firm in your pocket!


A Business Entity


You cannot be a legitimate business without a legal structure, but how do you determine which one is right for you? You can spend hundreds of dollars speaking with an attorney before deciding what is the right choice for your particular business. Any ‘free consultation’ you can get will just leave your more confused than when you walked in, while the attorney tries to talk in circles to make it seem like you need him and should pay his ridiculous fee.


After you finally decide what entity you want, you have another two choices. You can pay an attorney thousands of dollars, or you can take your chances on one of the DIY sites which most likely will not give you what you need and bury you in stacks of binders just to make you feel like you got something for your money. At LegalStart, we know exactly what each type of startup needs and will give you everything  you need to get the job done. Our attorneys have vast experience working with different startups from all backgrounds and industries, our fees are the most affordable on the market and we provide you with more than anyone or anything out there.




What is a business without contracts? It’s a mess! Going into any deal without the proper agreement is like going to a gun fight without a gun. Contracts are essential to ensure that everything is done properly and everyone’s rights are protected. As a young startup, paying $1,500 for an NDA or $2,000 for an Operating Agreement is just ridiculous. The remaining options are either to copy/paste a random boilerplate agreement you found on Google or get a form that you paid $20 for on a DIY legal website. The cheap alternative wins. It’s better to have something, rather than nothing, right? Not necessarily. I have spent countless hours trying to settle disputes that could have easily been resolved if the company had the right agreement to begin with.


At LegalStart, members can select the document they would like to create and then have one of our attorneys create a customized agreement to fit their needs. They can then schedule a call with an attorney to go over any concerns they may have. You don’t have to settle for boilerplate legal forms that were written fifty years ago  (that even attorneys can’t understand). You also shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to get a document you need for your business. Your time is valuable, and sometimes you need things as soon as possible. We guarantee that you will receive your documents within three business days or you get them for free. All Members receive a free customized NDA and Founder’s agreement as part of the Startup’s Starter Pack just for becoming a member, and can purchase any other agreement for an affordable price.




Being an entrepreneur is not easy and you are bound to make mistakes. If owning your own business was easy, then everyone would own their own business. It takes a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment to achieve the slight possibility of success, but with your determination and us in your pocket, there is nothing you cannot achieve!





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